Great Travel Savings And CHEAP International Travel Insurance For Students, Teachers And People Under-26!

The International Student ID Card (ISIC) has been around for a very long time. I bought one for my first overseas backpacking trip throughout northern Europe back in 1985, and it saved me lots of money on museum entry fees, various transportation costs and other random things along the way. And another huge perk that came with the card was that it included some basic international travel insurance coverage. Paying for expensive travel insurance definitely wasn’t in my extreme shoestring budget back then, so this gave my parents at least some peace of mind as I gallivanted around Europe for 3 or 4 months.

Well because it has been so long since I have been a student (please stop laughing) I hadn’t thought about that card in a quite a while. However I recently came across, and given that so many of you could probably really use this card or at least knows somebody who could I think it’s definitely worth including in This card is the only globally recognized student id, and it is endorsed by UNESCO. It’s 4.5 million cardholders gain access to over 40,000 discounts at home and around the world, and it still includes a basic travel insurance plan for US cardholders traveling abroad. Heck, the travel insurance alone makes it well worth the reasonable $22 cost, although do remember that the insurance only covers international travel (non-US) and that the card must be issued in the United States to include the insurance benefits.

Again, the coverage is fairly basic with a $25,000 cap on medical and dental expenses and a $300,000 cap on emergency medical transportation costs amongst other included benefits, but there are no deductibles and the coverage lasts for the full year that the card is active. And if you feel like this isn’t enough insurance coverage or the travel will be in the US, then check out and

myISIC also offers The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) for full time teachers and professors and The International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) for people under the age of 26 and at least 12 years old. Although these cards do not appear to have quite as many discounts as the ISIC card, the savings are still substantial and they still have that incredibly inexpensive international travel insurance. Again the insurance coverage alone could more than pay for the card.

And if you want to see what actual travel discounts you can receive with the cards just go to the ‘Discounts & Specials’ tab of to search for the specifics. I did a few quick searches and saw some pretty big savings on museum entry fees and transportation tickets just like I remember getting all those years ago. So if anybody eligible for one of these cards is going on a longer trip, especially one overseas, then this could be $22 very well spent. If you happen to know anybody who could possibly use one of these cards, please forward this article to them.

Travel well and save money!

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