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If You Haven’t Considered Traveling To Myanmar (Burma) You Should!

I read George Orwell’s Burmese Days several years ago and remember it being a great albeit somewhat sad novel. Other than that though the only thoughts and ideas that I had about Myanmar, which had officially been called Burma until 1989, were based on my limited knowledge of the very unfortunate political situation there and [...]

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A Different Kind Of Travel Book: How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!)

As any of you past readers know by now I am very big on traveling as often as I can for as little money as possible. That’s been very important to me for decades, and my girlfriend, Shelley, has been just as adamant of a traveler for just as long. And when people hear about [...]

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Great Travel Resources For Peru!

Having access to the right sources of information when you are planning any trip can of course make all the difference in the world. Word of mouth from someone you trust is always great to have, but typically we don’t have enough of that kind of golden information to make a complete go of it. [...]

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Budget Travel Tips For New York City

As I mentioned in my last post I am currently having a great time in New York City, fully enjoying what it has to offer, without burning excessive cash and going into massive debt. I talked about how much doing a home exchange has made this inexpensive, yet wonderful trip possible by saving us from [...]

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