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The Best Two Websites For Purchasing Travel Insurance

Find out why you should buy travel insurance and which websites are the best and least expensive places to buy it.

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The Top 5 Markets In Southeast Asia

Here are the best five markets to visit in all of Southeast Asia.

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10 Useful Items To Pack For Your Trip

First of all, let it be known that I am a big believer in packing light when I travel. The idea of carrying around unnecessary items, especially larger, heavier ones, doesn’t appeal to me at all. However there are some things that I almost always take with me on my trips, because I find them [...]

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Sometimes Traveling By Bus Can Be The Best Option

Now I know that traveling by bus is not considered very fashionable, especially in the United States, but if you are not already doing so you might consider it for at least some of your transportation needs, especially when traveling overseas where bus travel is much more prevalent. No doubt some bus journeys can be [...]

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Interested In Teaching English Overseas?

There are many things people can do to help them see more of the world without needing to have lot of money to start with, and teaching English abroad is definitely one of them. I taught English in Japan several years ago, and it was one of the best travel experiences I have ever had. [...]

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Use SeatGuru.com To Get The Best Airplane Seat You Can!

Have you had one of those awful travel experiences where you were stuck in a terrible seat for a flight? If so, perhaps you were right next to a restroom or right beside one of the galleys where the flight attendants were constantly working. Or maybe you had reduced legroom or a seat that had [...]

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A Different Kind Of Travel Book: How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!)

As any of you past readers know by now I am very big on traveling as often as I can for as little money as possible. That’s been very important to me for decades, and my girlfriend, Shelley, has been just as adamant of a traveler for just as long. And when people hear about [...]

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Another Great Site For Airfare Searches: Skyscanner.com

Well I have decided to add another site to the airfare section of TheBestTravelWebsites.com. As many of you know I have been busy lately planning my upcoming extended trip to Asia this fall with my girlfriend (who by the way just took off for a grueling week of ‘work’ covering a wine festival in Bordeaux, [...]

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Free Passport And Visa Photos!

I don’t know about you, but I think how much money various stores charge for passport and visa photos is pretty ridiculous for what you get. You basically receive two small photos (let’s face it – more like mug shots from the police station) for anywhere from $9-15. And if you regularly need these kinds [...]

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Great Websites For Researching Travel Destinations!

Ever have someone mention a travel destination that sounded really interesting, and you immediately wondered where in the world you could easily find some quick and dirty travel info on that place? Or perhaps you already have some places in mind that you would like to learn a little more about without having to go [...]

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Budget Airlines Can Help You Save Money!

The big airlines of course account for the majority of flights in the world, and sometimes, although not always, they are the only game in town for the route that you are looking for.  However, budget or low-cost airlines often fly routes you are looking for at extremely great rates, and they are continuously expanding [...]

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Great Travel Resources For Peru!

Having access to the right sources of information when you are planning any trip can of course make all the difference in the world. Word of mouth from someone you trust is always great to have, but typically we don’t have enough of that kind of golden information to make a complete go of it. [...]

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World Nomads Is Great Insurance For Independent And Adventurous Travelers!

Never forget to make sure you are properly insured before you take off on your next trip, especially if you will be traveling overseas. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in making your travel plans that you can sometimes forget to make sure you are financially covered and/or have access to appropriate medical care [...]

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