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Use SeatGuru.com To Get The Best Airplane Seat You Can!

Have you had one of those awful travel experiences where you were stuck in a terrible seat for a flight? If so, perhaps you were right next to a restroom or right beside one of the galleys where the flight attendants were constantly working. Or maybe you had reduced legroom or a seat that had [...]

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Bing.com For Airfare Price Change Predictions!

As travelers we have all been there. We dutifully use the best websites for searching for a good airfare, and we eventually find a pretty decent price on a particular flight. At that point we have a decision to make. Do we go ahead and buy the ticket right then just in case the prices [...]

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Another Great Site For Airfare Searches: Skyscanner.com

Well I have decided to add another site to the airfare section of TheBestTravelWebsites.com. As many of you know I have been busy lately planning my upcoming extended trip to Asia this fall with my girlfriend (who by the way just took off for a grueling week of ‘work’ covering a wine festival in Bordeaux, [...]

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Budget Airlines Can Help You Save Money!

The big airlines of course account for the majority of flights in the world, and sometimes, although not always, they are the only game in town for the route that you are looking for.  However, budget or low-cost airlines often fly routes you are looking for at extremely great rates, and they are continuously expanding [...]

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More Frequent Flyer Miles Questions Answered!

A few people have approached me with questions and ideas about my recent frequent flyer miles posts, so I want to cover some of these little nuggets today. Because, again, if you play the game right you really can save a serious amount of money on your travels and have fun sticking it to the [...]

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For REALLY Cheap Airfares, Part Deux: How To Best Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Last week I discussed how to best accrue frequent flyer miles with the goal in mind of getting free or nearly free airline tickets. This week I want to cover some ideas on how to best use those hard-earned miles once you have started to accumulate a decent amount of them. First of all, as [...]

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For REALLY Cheap Airfares: How To Best Accrue Frequent Flyer Miles

As just about everyone knows one of the best ways to reduce the total cost of your trip is to be able to use frequent flyer miles to purchase your airline ticket (or possibly even your hotel stay, but I will focus on airfares here). If you have enough miles the ‘purchase’ will either be [...]

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Best Airfare Search Tips For KAYAK.com

Use the best airfare search tips for KAYAK.com

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