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Whether or not you can find a good price on a hotel can sometimes make or break a decision to take a trip. And unless I am planning to do a home exchange or doing the backpacker thing in a third world country the first website I tend to use to look for good deal on a hotel is Like it is an aggregator site which means it searches tons of other websites for you all at the same time and gives you the best prices available for the various properties. However, HotelsCombined, just as its name implies, focuses solely on accommodations – mostly hotels and resorts.

Because they focus solely on accommodations they tend to provide the largest number of choices from hotel reservation websites from literally all over the world. They claim to search over 900,000 global hotel deals from over 30 merchants, and to have access to over 1.5m consumer reviews, 3m hotel images, 2m hotel descriptions and maps. And after you give them the city and dates you are looking for they instantly layout an easy to read comparison of hotel details, rates, taxes and availability information on one simple web page. You can rearrange the order the results by popularity, star rating, location, consumer ratings and price. Likewise, you can view prices in the currency of your destination or in your local currency, as well as select from a list of major global currencies.

And all of this information is delivered to you COMPLETELY free of charge. They do not markup any of the prices or add any additional fees. All they do is search a massive number of hotel reservation systems all at the same time and lay out the best prices for you. You might ask, “So how do they make money? Nobody works for free.” Well, they collect a small fee from each comparison reservation site that they search. You get the exact same great prices whether you search via HotelsCombined or go through the time-consuming task of searching each individual site one at a time, so it obviously makes more sense to just use HotelsCombined.

However, as much as I love, I still use other websites to look for good deals on hotels. Just like when I book any other travel services I never rely on just one website.

Travel well and travel often!


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