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Great Websites For Researching Travel Destinations!

Ever have someone mention a travel destination that sounded really interesting, and you immediately wondered where in the world you could easily find some quick and dirty travel info on that place? Or perhaps you already have some places in mind that you would like to learn a little more about without having to go [...]

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Save Money On Your Car Rental Insurance!

Car rental insurance seems to be one of the least understood subjects for travelers. It may not be as ‘sexy’ as finding a great airfare or getting a great deal on a hotel, but depending on how you travel it could possibly end up being much, much more important to you. Because if you do [...]

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Budget Airlines Can Help You Save Money!

The big airlines of course account for the majority of flights in the world, and sometimes, although not always, they are the only game in town for the route that you are looking for.  However, budget or low-cost airlines often fly routes you are looking for at extremely great rates, and they are continuously expanding [...]

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More Frequent Flyer Miles Questions Answered!

A few people have approached me with questions and ideas about my recent frequent flyer miles posts, so I want to cover some of these little nuggets today. Because, again, if you play the game right you really can save a serious amount of money on your travels and have fun sticking it to the [...]

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Great Travel Resources For Peru!

Having access to the right sources of information when you are planning any trip can of course make all the difference in the world. Word of mouth from someone you trust is always great to have, but typically we don’t have enough of that kind of golden information to make a complete go of it. [...]

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For REALLY Cheap Airfares, Part Deux: How To Best Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Last week I discussed how to best accrue frequent flyer miles with the goal in mind of getting free or nearly free airline tickets. This week I want to cover some ideas on how to best use those hard-earned miles once you have started to accumulate a decent amount of them. First of all, as [...]

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For REALLY Cheap Airfares: How To Best Accrue Frequent Flyer Miles

As just about everyone knows one of the best ways to reduce the total cost of your trip is to be able to use frequent flyer miles to purchase your airline ticket (or possibly even your hotel stay, but I will focus on airfares here). If you have enough miles the ‘purchase’ will either be [...]

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World Nomads Is Great Insurance For Independent And Adventurous Travelers!

Never forget to make sure you are properly insured before you take off on your next trip, especially if you will be traveling overseas. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in making your travel plans that you can sometimes forget to make sure you are financially covered and/or have access to appropriate medical care [...]

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Do You Need Car Rental Insurance?

Last week I talked about how to find a great deal on a car rental, and this week I want to talk about insurance coverage for your car rental. As many of you know some rental car agents really try to pressure you to buy their insurance policies when you pick up your car, almost [...]

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How To Find A Great Price On A Car Rental

When people are planning a trip they usually focus mostly on trying to save money on their airline tickets and accommodations. Without a doubt these definitely are important, but if you also need a car rental it is yet another opportunity to save money on your travel plans. And the more money you save on [...]

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2010 Cruise Prices Up But Still Lower Than 2008

Because of the economic downturn and 14 new cruise ships coming online right at the same time cruise prices were truly amazing for consumers in 2009. Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) said that the number of passengers that cruised in 2009 still surpassed the 2008 number to keep its continued long-term growth pattern. The organization [...]

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Find Great Hotel Prices With

Whether or not you can find a good price on a hotel can sometimes make or break a decision to take a trip. And unless I am planning to do a home exchange or doing the backpacker thing in a third world country the first website I tend to use to look for good deal [...]

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Best Airfare Search Tips For

Use the best airfare search tips for

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Just a quick note to let you know that will be on The TODAY Show this coming Thursday. If you are interested in learning more about home exchanges in general and about what this website in particular has to offer then you might want to try to check it out. Below is a paraphrased [...]

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Budget Travel Tips For New York City

As I mentioned in my last post I am currently having a great time in New York City, fully enjoying what it has to offer, without burning excessive cash and going into massive debt. I talked about how much doing a home exchange has made this inexpensive, yet wonderful trip possible by saving us from [...]

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