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Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok

Well, Shelley and I arrived in Bangkok late Sunday night, and it’s been really great getting reacquainted with one of my favorite cities in the world. It was pretty much my home base for the two years that I spent vagabonding around Asia because of its charms and the fact that it is such an easy travel hub for so much of the rest of the continent. And even though Bangkok has its big city problems like pollution and traffic like just about any other major metropolis, it still has an enchanting, exotic vibe to it that seduces me every time I come here.

Take today for example. After having a nice breakfast on our balcony overlooking the Chao Phraya River with a view across the way of the Grand Palace and the river bustling with water taxis full of Thais going to work, we made our way to nearby Wat Pho. We were blown away by the 46 meter, gold inlaid, reclining Buddha, the other 1000+ Buddhas, the colorful architecture, and the beautifully manicured grounds. And since it is known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage, we also indulged ourselves to amazing Thai massages while there, at less than one forth the price we would have paid at home for a lesser massage experience. And to top that off, on the way back to our hotel, which is really more like a bed and breakfast, we had a delicious Thai meal that cost like $3.50 for the both of us at one of the many markets that are spread out all over the city. Basically it was a perfect day for me, and I look forward to many more like them before we head to Myanmar next week.

46 meter Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok

And given that this is the start of a nice, long trip throughout Asia for us, I thought this was a great time to make some changes to my site. When I started this website my only goal was to show people how to use the internet to research and book their travel. I put together quite a few resources here over the last several months, and it’s been great to get so much positive feedback from everyone. But I also have gotten quite a few questions and requests for things beyond the websites and resources that I’ve provided. Many have asked if I could possibly do more by also booking travel services for them instead of them wading through the sites that I have recommended. Likewise I have been asked if I could ever provide services like being a guide to places that perhaps might possibly be a bit overwhelming for a first-time visitor. And given my extensive background in travel over the last couple of decades, I’ve decided to start expanding the scope of this site to include those requests; hence the new name – Thanks to everyone who has helped in guiding and encouraging me to take this new direction!

All that I ask of you ongoing readers is to please bear with me as I make the technical transition. There might be a few hiccups with some linking issues, especially for those of you that mostly follow me via Facebook. [Please become a fan of my new Facebook page for Travel Sherpa Keith by clicking on the 'Like' button on this page. I will eventually delete my fan page for] Just yesterday I finished changing the name of this site, and now I am in the process of working out the typical little kinks that happen along the way whenever big changes like this are made to a website and the webmaster (me!) is less than completely technically competent. If any of you run into issues like bad links or anything else in the coming days please do let me know about it. I do want to get things fully fleshed out as soon as possible.

Shelley buying delicious egg rolls at one of the many local markets in Bangkok

And as far as the overall direction of the site going forward, I still plan to write about how to travel better and smarter just like I have been since the beginning. So for those of you who want to do all the planning and booking on your own, I will still try to provide the information to help you do just that. But likewise, for those of you who would like me to help you more directly and hands-on as a travel consultant or travel agent or travel guide, I plan to start offering those services as well in the months ahead. And again, if any of you have any more feedback or requests along these lines please let me know. The best way for me to serve you guys is for me to know what you are looking for up front.

Anyway, thank you all VERY MUCH for all of your support and help since I first started this site just over a year ago. I look forward to continuously adding to and improving things as time goes on. It’s been a blast so far, and I think it is only going to get even better!

Travel well!!


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